Schlumpf High Speed Drive

Mechanic Jack builds a Schlumpf Hi Speed Drive.  This internally-geared planetary drive provides a 27 tooth “granny” gear, but switches to a 2.5x overdrive (meaning the chain ring spins 2.5 times for every revolution of the pedals) -resulting in a 68 tooth-equivalent “Monster” downhill gear.  

Schlumpf Drive Revisited

Mechanic Rick’s build of a High Speed Drive -we even take it out on a ride for a little real-time demonstration

Motor Kit Wheel Build

Pretty-much every motor kit installed today is “mid-drive”.  But, we’re still happy to show off the craftsmanship that goes into every build.  Here, Mechanic Spencer performs a wheel build around an old hub motor kit

Brake Facing

Preparing a trike to accept hydraulic disc brakes, our mechanic had to ensure the caliper mounting surface was planer to the rotors.  It’s all pretty routine, but makes for a cool video.