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Portland Sunday Parkways Sellwood
The Trike Gang
Portland Sunday Parkways Sellwood
Even Kids Love Trikes
Portland Sunday Parkways Sellwood
Picture Yourself Here!
Catrike Factory Day
Catrike GM Mark Egeland
Catrike Factory Day
Up 700 feet!!
Catrike Factory Day
Catrike Factory Day
Lovin' The Ride!
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You Want to Ride!!!

Organized Rides are Fabulous Fun and a fantastic place to meet new riding friends.  We’ll let you know about

  • RPDX Store Rides
  • NW Recumbent Riders (the local club)
  • City-wide Rides like Sunday Parkways and Bridge Pedal 

If it’s a store ride, we’ll tell you the distance, difficulty and what food/drink is on offer!

Our calendar is most active when it’s sunny.  So, if you don’t see anything, check back.  Or, join our mailing list!


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We look forward to seeing you on shop rides!

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