RPDX Staff

Mechanic Jack 

Jack hails from LA.  He likes rock climbing, pheasant hunting and long bike tours through the Midwest and the South.  

He’s an expert wheel builder and superb at tuning components and motor kits.  Also, he’s Mylo’s favorite (we think it’s mutual!).  

Mechanic Paul 

A lifelong triking enthusiast, Paul gave up a promising and fulfilling career as a dirt-poor bike mechanic to get a real job.  After thirty years in the real world, he retired to become….wait for it….. a bike mechanic!

He’s the Wizard of the Workbench! 

Mechanic Ron

Mechanic Ron

Like Mechanics Paul and Jack, Ron is a California transplant.  He’s pretty handy -whether rebuilding a truck, a vintage airplane or a Catrike drivetrain.  He’s seen here with Catrike founder, Paulo Camasmie

Janet and Mel

Before opening RPDX, Janet had a successful career combining financial analytics with raising two (now) young adults.  Janet learned to ride a bike as an adult.  So, she LOVES  newbies and shares their language

Mel had a prior career in sales and customer service. Mel regrets not becoming an engineer – he compensates by over-sharing technical information.  Janet just wants to ride

Mel is a St. Louis native. Janet from SF.  After 20 years in Chicago, they moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2011.  They love Portland, Catrikes and helping customers

Shop Dogs

Mylo comes to RPDX after a successful career as a puppy.  His hobbies include sleeping, rooting around for dropped sausage and trailing Mechanic Jack wherever he goes in the shop. 

Rosie is primarily occupied with letting you and anybody else who needs to know that she’s THE BOSS and there will be no further discussion.  She’s still Mel’s favorite dog ever!

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