Motor Kits

If you're new to motor kits, get a bowl of popcorn and prop up your feet as Mel gives a motor kit A-Z!

  • Motor kit History
  • What’s a Drivetrain
  • Motor kit components
  • Motor kit offering comparison
  • Motorkit Warranty Descripton
  • Licensing
  • Adaptive Riding
  • Accessories
  • Transportation

Trikes can be outfitted with a motor kit at time of sale or after years of use. 

We offer Bosch Active Line Plus (250w) and Bafang (500w) motor kits.  Motor Kits are

  • Safe
  • Reliable 
  • Extend your ride -so you can see more
  • Allow you to enjoy cycling with faster riders
  • Eliminate the barrier of steep hills
  • Provide assurance that you can throttle home if you become fatigued

For those whose cycling is limited -due to stroke, Parkinson’s, Ataxia, ALS, MS, CP or amputation,  We often pair adaptive accessories with a motor kit 


Our motor kit offerings meet both Federal and Oregon legal standards. 

Trikes are designed to be powered by people, so our motor kits meet Catrike’s standards for safe installation -ensuring they never put excess strain on trike frames or drivetrains.
The 250 or 500 watt motors  we offer are enough to get you where you’re going! For a fun comparison, Tour De France riders produce about 350 watts summiting the 8% grades of the 6939 foot Col du Tourmalet. A 250w motor alone adds almost the power of a pro rider -right there on the trike with you!


Motor kits are very reliable, so you should enjoy years of trouble-free operation. Our motor kits include a two year warranty against defects in workmanship or material. 

Catrike Bosch E-Trike

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