Test Ride Videos

Safe Riding Instructions

Before venturing out for a test ride, Janet walks new riders through safe operation procedures for trike riding.  

Safety is the first step in every happy ride!

Janet Leads a Test Ride

Mel likes to talk about Catrikes.  Janet likes to ride Catrikes.  So, there’s a pretty good chance Janet’s going to be your guild for a ride around our beautiful Ladds Addition neighborhood!

Pam and Lynda’s Shake Down Ride

Trikes are the perfect accompaniment to an RV lifestyle.  Friends Pam and Lynda traveled up from California to visit RPDX.  Mechanic staff joined  on a shakedown ride of for their new trikes on beautiful Mt. Tabor Park

Janet Leads Again!

We might have mentioned that Mt Tabor Park is a favorite test ride.  Just about 8 miles roundtrip on a dedicated bike route with over 500 feet of vertical -it’s a perfect test of a trike’s climbing (with or without motor).  And, it’s beautiful and offers incomparable views of Mt. Hood and downtown!

And Again

Another group of newbies heads off for Ladds Addition with Janet at the helm.  They ALWAYS come back happy!