Maintenance and Safety

We’re as excited about your new trike.  Our videos will help with safe riding and proper maintenance

We’re So Happy You’re Our Customer!!

In this video, we thank you for your business and talk again about how fantastic your new Catrike is.  We also walk you through our ever-expanding maintenance video series.  

Our good friend Gary Solomon from the Laid Back Bike Report has a great Catrike Factory Tour video (this link leaves our website)

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Trike Maintenance & Safety Videos


Catrike Warranty & Registration

It’s pretty impressive that we’ve sold over 1000 Catrikes and we’ve NEVER had a customer warranty claim. But, someday, there will be a first. Rest assured that if you have ANY problems with your trike, we’ll service it right here in the shop. So, now that you’re home with your new Catrike, activate your warranty at
We’ll show you where to find your serial number. We also encourage you to register your trike with your insurance provider and local law enforcement.

Motor Kit Maintenance & Safety Videos


Congratulations on your new Bafang Motor Kit.  In this Video Owner’s Manual, we cover all major aspects of maintenance and safe operation 

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