Council Crest Park

Council Crest Park

One of Portland’s most challenging and rewarding rides.  At 1100 foot elevation, you’ll be wowed by stunning views of Hood, Adam and Helen as well as both sweeping vistas from Downtown all the way out to jets landing at PDX. 

There are many variations to get up to Council Crest.  The most direct route is thru downtown.  This route -9 miles total- on the Springwater Corridor and up through Riverview Cemetery uses bike paths, bike routes and lightly-driven residential streets.  

Council Crest is a fabulous starting point for other favorite rides -also posted.

The video below is a highspeed run down from Council Crest (which you can take at whatever pace you’re comfortable with!). 

Eat your Wheaties. Make sure you have a full battery for your motor.  It’s a climb!

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