Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People offers bike and pedestrian-only lanes making this the safest and most scenic view of Portland’s beautiful Willamette River.   From the shop, we transit our beautiful Ladds Addition neighborhood via Elliott Avenue.  At 12th Ave, we cross Division Street and take the 12th Ave sidewalk 200 yards -past two active rail crossings. Take an immediate left and the path turns green beneath your wheels.  

As you near the river, we have the perfect approaching view of the 1780 foot long Tilikum.  The mid-river crest of the bridge is an 80 foot climb -enough to see how easy trikes climb!  On the far side, we can 1) turn around and return to the store 2) turn south toward the Trolley Trail (we’ll map that later) or 3) meander north on the green-lined bike path the two miles through Tom McCall Park Waterfront Park until our Steel Bridge crossover back to the southbound Vera Katz Eastside Esplanade -passing first Vera herself (well, okay, a statue) and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry before meeting the Eastside Greenway and retracing our route back to the shop. 

A couple important things to note: 1) This ride showcases both Portland’s natural beauty and the grittiness of urban living. 2) You can vary the route -crossing the Hawthorne Bridge, for example.  But, our route is VERY trike-friendly.  Not all others are!   


Please don’t let the secret out, but Portland has the world’s most perfect fall weather! RPDX and friends took some Catrikes down to Portland’s Waterfront -riding the Tilikum Crossing, then up the west side, back across the Steel Bridge and then down the Eastside Esplanade. We even stopped to say “hi!” to Vera -Portland’s favorite mayor ever!

We had some fun with the video. Argentina’s Alma Negra made it even more fun!

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