Fairview Road

Fairview Road Via Council Crest

There are many ways to get to Fairview Road.  The route highlighted here comes off the backside of Council Crest transits a short stretch of Fairview Road (a fantastic triking street) to SW Hewitt Blvd -Mel’s absolute favorite road to ride- to a sidewalk crossing over 26, then down a bike lane to a safe residential climb to Fairview Road.  

There are two fabulous descents 1) stay on Fairview as it winds its way down to Kingston (at the Zoo tennis courts) -which is the route on this page or 2) drop off of Fairview onto Knight Road through Washington Park which dumps into Kingston adjacent to the Japanese Garden (covered on a different route page).  

The video shows just the Fairview downhill portion of the ride.  We’ll work on getting the route from Council Crest to Fairview on Film as well as the “Zoo Bomb” that starts where the video ends (yes, there’s another 500 feet of descent left!!!).  

As always, if you’re using a motor kit, make sure you’re battery’s topped off before this ride!

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