Store Policies

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By Appointment Only

To ensure the best in-store experience, all customer visits are by appointment.  If your schedule allows, give us as much notice as possible.  We will always do our best to accommodate you 


All customer warranty claims must be presented -in person- at RecumbentPDX, 2025 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, Ore 97214.  All warranty repairs are assessed and performed at RecumbentPDX, 2025 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, Ore 97214.  RecumbentPDX is not responsible for warranty repairs submitted at any other location. Customers must deliver warranty items to and retrieve from RecumbentPDX.  If necessary, RecumbentPDX can arrange return shipping -our standard packing and shipping rates will be billed to the customer.

  • New recumbent frames are subject to the terms and conditions of the each manufacturer’s warranty and cover frame, boom, seat, mesh, steering assembly.
  • Components installed on new recumbents -including, but not limited to, derailleurs, brakes, brake parts, wheels- are subject to the terms and conditions of each manufacturer’s warranty but never less than 1 year.
  • Pre-owned recumbents – unless specifically printed otherwise on the sales receipt, pre-owned recumbents are sold as-is without any warranty.  
  • Warranties ONLY apply to the original purchaser. Unless stated in writing by RecumbentPDX, warranties DO NOT pass to subsequent owners.      
  • Components purchased standalone –  including, but not limited to, derailleurs, brakes, brake parts, wheels and tires- are subject to the terms and conditions of each manufacturer’s warranty. All standalone component warranties are provided through the manufacturer. RecumbentPDX is not responsible for warranties for any components not installed by RecumbentPDX.           

90 Day Maintenance Check Up

Your new trike includes a warranty inspection within 90 days of purchase. We strongly encourage new owners to ride a couple hundred miles, then schedule a free service appointment for their new recumbent so we can re-tighten cables, re-lube components and make any comfort adjustments.

Sale Terms and Returns -Please Read and Understand 

  • A new recumbent trike -provided it is NOT a customized or non-stock item- may be returned within 3 business days of payment ONLY if our staff determines it is in unridden condition. In ALL other circumstances, ALL SALES ARE FINAL unless specifically printed otherwise on the sales receipt.
  • All other purchases – unless specifically printed otherwise on the sales receipt – are final and may not be returned
  • All pre-owned trike sales are final.
  • Customized and non-stock items -including customized or special order trikes- must be pre-paid in full.  Customized and non-stock items – unless specifically printed otherwise on the sales receipt- ARE NON-REFUNDABLE (please see “Parts and Special Orders”).


Repair Estimating            

All estimating is done in-store.  We cannot estimate over the phone or by email. While we will always strive to accommodate customer needs, only repairs that impact your immediate riding safety can be guaranteed to be addressed on walk-in basis.  For all other work, we will write up a work description and ask you to leave your trike for our mechanic to examine. Our repair estimates are based on $90.00 per mechanic hour with a 1/3-hour minimum charge. If you have a budget cap for repairs, please let us know in advance.

We will provide a prompt estimate of price and scheduling and keep you updated once the repair work begins. If additional items are discovered that materially-changes a repair estimate, we will provide an updated estimate and pause repairs pending approval. We email or text to ensure prompt communication. Please make sure we have the correct contact information for you. Our mechanics will call or email you when you repair is ready for pick up.  RPDX has very limited storage, so please pick up your repair promptly.  Completed repairs left for more than 30 days are considered abandoned and will be sold for the cost of the repair.

Weekend Scheduling    

During busy weekend hours our mechanics are often only be available for accessory installs, fittings and emergency repairs. If you are traveling to Portland to have your recumbent bike or trike repaired, please schedule an appointment in advance.

Parts and Special Orders              

We stock most repair parts for the manufacturers we represent. We may Special Order items which must be pre-paid and are non-refundable. Because sourcing Special Orders are often complex and time consuming, they may incur additional charges for inbound shipping and labor for sourcing/receiving (at RPDX standard billable mechanic rate). 

Customer-Supplied Components

We do not install Customer-supplied components

Cycles and Accessories We Do Not Service

RPDX does not service trikes purchased from the internet.  Additionally, if we cannot meet our service standards, we might decline to repair or adjust a trike.  We service motor kits sold from our store.  We do not service motor kits purchased elsewhere

Support Your Community – Buy Local

We’re a local shop based in Portland, Oregon. Since we do ALL our sales and service at our store, we’re not set up for internet sales or mail-order shipping. If you have a local recumbent store, please support that vital resource. If you don’t, come visit and we promise to make it worthwhile

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