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1004, 2019

What’s New Spring 2019

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Spring Shop Rides

This weather’s turning nice, so watch our Facebook page and RSVP for group rides (rides may come on short notice!).  We meet at the shop, enjoy some coffee and treats and then head out.  Rides are a great opportunity to meet other trikers to arrange your own rides with.  Our rides won’t wear you out

  • ALL ages
  • ALL abilities
  • NO DROP (we won’t leave you stranded) 
  • We always have demo trikes available for folks thinking about joining (just give us a call ahead of time)

Here are two upcoming rides:

  • On April 27th, HP Velotechnik Factory Rep Stefan Beck visits RPDX. Join us for a group ride (we have HP demos, so call us if you need to use one of ours!). We’ll meet at RPDX at 9 am for cake and coffee. Cake?! At nine in the morning, you ask?!! Of course! That’s how we roll. And, by “roll”, I mean working off that cake on a two hour “out-‘n-back” ride (we ride back the exact route we rode out) down the Springwater Corridor and over the Sellwood Bridge. We’ll take a break on the west side of the bridge while the hard-cores prove their mettle (or “metal”, if they’re packing electric assist) by climbing 700 foot to Palatine Hill Road.
    Back at the shop, Stefan will answer any technical questions. Stefan’s visits are always special, so RPDX wants to add a bit of our own magic: Any purchase of a HP Velotechnik that day will include the customer’s choice of 1) full HP fender set; 2) rear pannier rack; or 3) Terracycle SeatSide Mount with Evo bag.
  • On May 19th, come by RPDX at 10 am for cake and coffee (More cake? Is this a running theme? Of course!). At 11 am, we pick up the Portland Sunday Parkways route just a couple blocks from the store.  This is one of our absolute favorite rides and an opportunity to show off our quirky Southeast neighborhood.  This is not an organized RPDX ride, so feel free to ride on your own or stay with the trike posse as we threaten and intimidate those upright riders!

Spring Tune Ups

Need to get your trike ready for spring riding? For low-mileage riders, we like to see trikes every three to four years (more often for high-mileage trikes). 

YouTube videos

RPDX’ ever-growing selection of videos showcase trikes, accessories, fun rides as well as intrepid riders leap frogging life’s obstacles to get back on the road!  While there’s no substitute for test riding, they’re a good start to your education.


With over 125 trikes from Catrike, HP Velotechnik, AZUB, Greenspeed and Sunseeker in inventory, RPDX has the largest selection in North America!  Once you pick your trike, RPDX mechanics can often get it fitted just the way you like and you take it home same day (complex builds -Rohloff, Schlumpf, DI2 and some motor kits can take an overnight -call us if you need help planning it out). 

Test Riding

Trikes are both new to many folks and a substantial investment.  To truly know what you want, test riding is a must and no store has more demo trikes than RPDX (or prettier test rides!). There’s no rush to decide: Demo ride -as long as you want, as far as you want and as often as you want- until you know what you want.   

RPDX Boss Lady Janet is always eager to guide a leisurely ride around our beautiful Ladds Addition neighborhood or over our bike-and-pedestrian-only Tillicum Crossing spanning the Willamette River.  Or, for the more adventurous: ride designated bike streets from the store to the 636’ summit of Mt. Tabor (for one of the city’s most breathtaking views!).  To get ready for your visit, here’s a link to our safety rules and ride waiver. 

Adaptive Riding

While we already have demos on the floor set up for many special needs, feel free to give us an advance call -we’re always happy to specially-outfit a demo trike just for you.


We want to make sure to make sure RPDX is the best shopping experience you ever have! Between test rides, relax at our kitchen table and enjoy Mel’s homemade energy bars and chocolate custards, fresh fruit, sparkling drinks and cappuccino.  

Current Demos

  • All 9 Catrikes -including the new Eolas. PLUS both electric and adaptive builds for folks eager to overcome any limitations
    All 10 HP Velotechniks -that means EVERY Scorpion and Gekko model PLUS Shimano STEPS 6000 and 8000 electric builds.  5 AZUB trikes – including the Full Fat, TI-Fly, T-Tris and Tricon
  • Greenspeed Magnum, Magnum XL and Anura!
  • Short boom demo trikes –enabling riders 4’11 and up to easily test ride
  • One-hand control demos (left or right) – Electronic shifting, stand up aids, heel support pedals and single hand control hydraulic brakes enabling those recovering from stroke to easily ride again
  • Pedal-assist demos! Nearly a quarter of the trikes leaving the shop now feature pedal-assist electric motors. We have Shimano 6000 and 8000 as well as Bionx (yes, we still have Bionx available!) Test riding lets you know if it’s the right choice for you
  • We have demos available for test riding with Rohloff Speedhub, Schlumpf Mountain Drive, Pinion Drive Technology and Shimano DI2. No other store in the United States has this much component choice available for you to test ride!

We have Accessories!!

  • Extensive TerraCycle offerings -including their new pendulum pedals, Finer Recliner neck rests, bottle mounts, side bags and a panoply of Erector Set-like connectors to attach pretty-much ANYTHING to your recumbent
  • Roadside repair tools from Park Tools and Koolstop
  • Large colorful attention-getting flags
  • Ventisit-the world’s most comfortable recumbent seat pad!
  • Schwalbe Tires – Fast, comfy, knobby, puncture-resistant- RPDX has ALL the choices.  No recumbent store has a larger selection of Schwalbe tires and tubes
  • Kryptonite Locks and Terratrike Covers to keep your recumbent safe from theft
  • Ortlieb, Evo and Arkel Recumbent bags
  • Terratrike Heel Support pedals, cushions, roof-top trike carriers and bottle cage mounts
  • Horns, lights and helmets
  • Hollywood Racks to haul your trike on a trailer hitch
  • DaBrim Helmet Visors for Taming the Blazing Sun™

As always, we’ve got a completely line of adaptive components to help overcome any barrier to riding –whether it be surgery, stroke, joint replacement, Ataxia, Parkinson’s or balance issues.  If you have the desire, we’ll do our best to get you safely enjoying the joy of cycling again:

  • Heel Support Pedals -to ensure feet stay comfortably and safely on the pedals
  • Stand Up Assist Arms -to help rider get safely in and out of the seat
  • Lumbar supports and other adaptive cushions -every recumbent rider is unique. We have the pads to make you comfortable
  • Pendulum Pedals  -for riders with limited range of motion, these allow a comfortable, smooth leg stroke
  • Short Cranks -for shorter riders, these ensure a comfortable leg stroke (if you’re 5’2″, you don’t ride the same cranks as somebody 6’2″!)
  • Climbing gears to ensure you can get up the steepest grades


That was a lot!  With so much good stuff at RPDX, aren’t you glad you read all the way to the end?  You can always email us with questions or comments

Happy Riding,

Janet, Mel and the RPDX team

608, 2018


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Proper Tire Inflation

If you are a novice cyclist please familiarize yourself with the following terms and equipment:

  1. PSI – This is a measure of pressure (Pound-force per Square Inch) and each tire has a PSI range stated on its sidewall, for example “55-85 PSI”. A flashlight can be helpful when searching for and reading these numbers.   As you gain riding experience you will get a sense of your preferred pressure within the stated range.
  2. Inner Tube Valve – the tube inside your trike’s tire will have either a Shraeder Valve (looks like a car tire’s valve) or a Presta Valve (narrower and longer).
  3. Pump – There are several options for inflating your tires: a floor pump is handy to keep at home, a hand pump to keep with you on the road, or an air compressor to use with care.  Many pumps have pressure gauges to measure your psi.  Most pumps can accommodate either Presta or Schrader. You can also purchase a Presta to Schrader adapter at most bike stores.

Please check your tire inflation regularly.  All tubes will lose air over time, and riding on under-inflated tires is unsafe, lessens your enjoyment of the ride, and damages equipment. 

Tire Wear

As you accumulate miles, wear should appear evenly across the middle of each tire. Off-center wear or “scrubbing” may indicate wheel misalignment and you’ll want to bring your trike in for mechanic examination (usually, though, you’ll notice the trike “pulling” to one side long before you see wear).

Replace tires when

  • Tread grooves are no longer visible at the middle of the tire
  • Sidewall “thread weaves” are visible
  • Sidewall or tread bulges when properly-inflated

And it’s worth repeating, to properly care for your tires, it’s crucial they be correctly inflated for every ride.  Under-inflated tires will break down the sidewall leading to premature failure. Inflation ratings are embossed into the tire sidewall (though you may need a flashlight to read them).  Because all butyl rubber inner tubes have some permeability –allowing air to gradually escape – we recommend filling up at least every couple weeks.

Purchasing Tubes and Tires

When it’s time to replace them, sizing tires and tubes is very-straightforward. Like PSI, tire size is embossed on the sidewall. However, do NOT pay a bit of attention to sizes marked in inches.  The only accurate sizing that matters is the ETRTO number (“European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization, for you geeks).  The ETRTO number is a “two digit dash three digit” number such as “35-406” or “47-559”.  ETRTO is exact whereas “20 inch” is approximate (yes, seriously, there are at least two official “20 inch” tire sizes. If you call a bike store asking if they “have 20 inch tires,” you may get a 20 inch that doesn’t fit!).

Tubes, unlike tires, are sized in ranges –such as “28-406 to 35-406” (meaning it will fit any size 406 tire with a cross-width between 28 and 35 mm). When sizing a tube, choose the smallest one that fits your needs.  So, if your tire is 35-406 and your tube choices are either “28-406 to 35-406” or “35-406 to 40-406”, you’ll want the smaller one.

Changing a Flat

Nobody likes flats!  Fortunately, RPDX has lots of ingenious, easy-to-use tools to help you change them.  We’re happy to show you how to use them.

Tire Choices

Schwalbe is the dominant brand among recumbents by offering more choices in recumbent-specific sizes than any other manufacturer.  Unsurprisingly, then, Schwalbe Racer or Tryker tires come factory-standard from Catrike, HP Velotechnik, AZUB, Greenspeed and virtually every other recumbent bike and trike.

Racers and Trykers are quality, lightweight and low-friction tires good for +/-3000 miles (“+” if you ride like a normal human and “-“ if you ride like me and think it’s fun to lock up a wheel drifting around corners at high speed!).

But, for those with different requirements, Schwalbe offers huge choices in recumbent tires:

  • Puncture-resistant tires have a 5mm band of highly-elastic rubber under the tread layer that captures and imbeds goat head thorns, glass and other debris before it can reach the tube. Schwalbe calls their Marathon Plus tires “flat-less” and, based on our customer experience, they aren’t over-selling.
  • Wider tires are useful for riders who want a softer ride
  • Foldable lightweight tires are easily carried as spares
  • High-Pressure narrow tires have lower rolling resistance -providing higher speed, but a bumpier ride
  • Knobby tires – while the factory-supplied Racers or Trykers are fine for on-road, bike paths, crushed gravel rails-to-trails or even limited mountain triking, some folks need additional traction in wet, mud or rutted gravel roads. Knobby tires give that extra traction.  Designed to run at lower inflation, they give a surprisingly cushy ride.  There are some downsides, though –The “knobs” are louder on pavement and the lower pressure requires more rider energy to turn the cranks.
  • Studded tires are perfect for those who need snow and ice traction

RecumbentPDX keeps the largest inventory of recumbent-specific tires and tubes in the Western United States.  We also have a variety of ingenious tools to help you quickly and safely fix flats.  Come on in to the store and we’re happy to show off everything we have.


2307, 2018

Mark Egeland GM/Co-Owner of Catrike Visits RecumbentPDX

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RPDX was so lucky to have Catrike’s GM Mark Egeland visit us July 25th. Mark led a group ride down the Springwater Corridor, over the Sellwood Bridge and up (and I mean UP! 700 feet UP!) to the top of Riverview Cemetery.  We rolled back the shop for hot dogs, beer and (!!) CAT CAKE!!!


Catrike GM Mark Egeland Leads RPDX ride

Ron is always our most colorful rider

We returned to the shop for lunch and Cat Cake!