San Juan Tour 2022

We got all our friend to the San Juan Islands in October for what we HOPE will be our first and only annual super-spreader event. 13 of 28 got the bug, but none severe-enough to knock us off our trikes for more than a day!  

This is our favorite day: a ferry ride from Friday Harbor to Orcas.  We then traversed the Island, rode to the 2500 foot summit of Mt. Constitution, then bombed down.  

Here, I’ll name-drop a few of the A-listers who joined

  • Pat Franz of TerraCycle
  • The eponymous Zach Kaplan
  • Sylvia Halpern of Travels by Trike
  • Matt Galat of JaYoe fame
  • Dana Lieberman of Bent Up Cycles
  • Gary Solomon and Tray Bourgoyne of the Laid Back Bike Report
  • Beyoncé sent her regrets


Despite massive preparation, I still wrecked footage off of a bunch of my GoPros (note to self: Next year, all 4k and all 60fps!).  

Anyway, enjoy the finished product!

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