San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands is one of the world’s best places to play like children!  We just finished our 5th Catrike tour with friends in 2022 (video to follow!).  We always stay near the Friday Harbor ferry terminal -with free inter-island ferries running all day, it’s easy to jump to Orcas for a ride to Eastsound or a follow on for the slog up (and the near flight-speed down!) of Mt. Constitution.  Equally-easy is the ferry to laid-back Lopez (not called “Slopez” for nothing!).  Even without getting on a ferry, stunning rides await you just out of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island itself!

Watch our ride videos and smile!


British Columbia’s Gulf Islands offer magnificent trike riding.  We rode Vancouver and Salt Spring Islands.  Our Mill Bay ride had hills, ferry rides and a winery lunch -what more could you possibly ask for?  Oh, and gorgeous weather, so you can ask for more!

Joshua Long and Jordan Gillis provide a beautiful cover of the Bobby Hebb classic!


Catrikes are fabulous for touring anywhere!  We folded up our Dumont, handed it off the nice folks at Alaska Airlines and -Voila!- picked it up six days later when we landed in Kona (okay, the flight wasn’t THAT long.  But, it was long!).  

Once on the island, we enjoyed some fabulous rides

  • Set to Grand Kahuna’s cover of the Hawaii 5-0 theme (what else?), we have an exhilarating 1900 foot descent to the ocean (and, ughhh, an 1800 feet slog back up to our lodging) 
  • A 4000 foot 30 mile drop to the black sand beach -where we hit our (un)official Catrike maximum speed of 45mph! The music?  In perhaps the best 2nd act of all time, punk rock pioneer Jon Langford -of Mekong’s fame- showed up at our neighborhood street fair as Wee Hairy Beasties.  It may be children’s music, but it really GOOD children’s music!
  • A rumble strip infested ride on the Ironman Triathlon route where we tested the Dumont’s suspension and steering stability.  It passed with flying colors.  And, Virgil Biggs cover of the Don Ho classic hits the spot!

We can’t wait to go back!