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San Juan Islands

There’s no place better for triking than the San Juan Islands!  Leave your car at the Anacortes ferry terminal, throw a change of clothes on your trike and ride right onto the ferry.  Friday Harbor is the perfect place to stay -just five minutes from the inter-island ferries for day trips to Orcas (for a climb up Mt. Constitution) and Lopez.  From Friday Harbor, it’s an easy day ride to Roche Harbor and the English Camp as well as Cattle Point Lighthouse and the American Camp

San Juan Island Videos


Our 2021 San Juan Islands tour was a blast.  Every trip, the highlight is the 2500 foot descent from Mt. Constitution’s summit (for those of us riding without motors, the 2500 foot slog up is definitely NOT a highlight). 

Here’s a bit of a math problem: We had about 12 hours of video spread out over 20 cameras.    Compute how much of Mel’s last remaining hair fell out editing that down to a 5 minute 30 second video.

The music is Duke Pearson’s classic Jeannine played by the amazing Argentinian Pianist Paula Shocron 



Vancouver Island, B.C. & Big of Hawaii

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