Our use of “Appointment” days –in addition to “Open” days- accommodates customers who want to visit us when the shop is quiet.  Reasons can include

  • Specific adaptive needs
  • Inability to come during store open hours
  • A desire for a little less hustle-and-bustle while considering such a significant purchase

Appointment days also give us flexibility to meet vendors, test new equipment and catch-up on builds.  We’ll always try our best to welcome both short-notice appointments and drop-ins –provided we don’t have a previously-scheduled customer or we haven’t ducked out of the store to take the pups on a hike up Mt Tabor.

Summer Hours* (June 1- Sept 1): 

Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Closed By Appt By Appt 11am -4pm 11am -4pm 11am -4pm noon-4pm

Winter Hours*:                   

Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Closed By Appt By Appt 11am -4pm 11am -4pm 11am -4pm By Appt


We’re happy to explain: Google, Facebook and Yelp just don’t get nuance.  To them, we’re either “Open” or “Closed”.  Well, what about those appointment days? If we list as “open”, folks will be disappointed when we’re not. If we list as “closed”, then folks wonder, “what kind of recumbent store is only open four days a week?!” (Yeah! That’d be just crazy, huh?).

We’d like to encourage folks to check our website for hours, so we tried to remove all store hours from the web, to which Google replied, “we will show this location as permanently closed” (not so!).  We then tried showing the store ALWAYS open.  24 hours a day –figuring folks would think, “That can’t be right!” and call us.  That move prompted several phone calls from Google (yes, really. Phone Calls) asking “are you REALLY open 24 hours a day?” followed by a Google-driven “auto-correct”.

We now list our hours on the store address line and we’ve changed our appointment days only to “Open 24 hours”.  So far, Google hasn’t caught on (please don’t tell them).

So, now you know the story!

*Holiday Closures:  July 4th weekend (if the holiday occurs during the weekend)

                                                Thanksgiving and the following Friday/Saturday

                                                Christmas/New Year Holiday – two weeks closed