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A whole new experience awaits you on a recumbent bike or recumbent trike. While it’s not unusual for folks to come back from their first test ride with an enormous grin exclaiming, “That was GREAT!”, some folks find it takes a few rides to adapt to a different style of riding. Be assured, though, the muscle memory comes naturally if you let it – so give yourself ample time to take a short ride, come back to the store for a break, try another ride, and ease into the new experience.

If, after trying a few styles and letting the newness of the experience sink in, you decide you just don’t like the ride – That’s okay. It’s equally-useful to know if you’re not a trike rider.

Right off the showroom floor, without any modifications, recumbent trikes easily accommodate

  • Balance issues –three wheels are stable allowing for easy mounting and dismounting. Trikes won’t fall over on hills –no matter how slowly you climb- so, your energy can go into riding, not balancing!
  • Recovery from injury or surgery requiring therapy – if walking, swimming or other exercises don’t suit your needs, you might enjoy a recumbent
  • Upper-body limitations such as back, neck, wrist and shoulder pain –if all the pressure points of an upright bike (not to mention that teeny-weeny seat!) make it un-rideable, all that pain vanishes on a trike
  • Low stress on joints –making a trike the perfect complement to weight loss programs
  • Stamina issues –Because energy is not wasted balancing on two wheels, many riders easily top 45 minutes their first time out (don’t take our word for it –come take a test ride!).

How do I know which recumbent is right for me?

A common question with a simple answer: whichever trike you’ll ride the most.

It’s a great idea to learn about what other recumbent rider’s experiences have been. We encourage you to check out online forums, and recumbent user groups as well as online magazines such as Recumbent and Tandem Rider Magazine to read learn from other recumbent bike and trike riders.

In our store we’ll discuss your history, needs, budget and type of riding you do as well as any limitations. We’ll suggest some models and promptly fit each for a test ride.

When you hear us say, “This is a decision you’ll make by the seat of your pants,” we simply mean that you’ll know what you like when you ride it