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Test Riding

Trikes are new to many people and a substantial investment. With tremendous differences among trikes (higher seat vs lower/wider seats  sport vs road vs touring, folding vs non-folding, suspension vs non-suspension, larger vs smaller drive wheels, etc), test riding is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in choosing the right trike.  Fortunately, RPDX has over 20 demo trikes to test ride (we’re always happy to join you on test rides).  As we mentioned above, there’s never a rush to decide: Test ride as long and as often as you need to be sure. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and closed heel and toe shoes for your store visit. If you don’t have a helmet, we’ll supply one. Here’s a link to our safety rules and ride waiver. 

Our Favorite Test Rides

We have beautiful routes right out our front door:

  • Our own Ladds Addition is the nation’s most bike-friendly neighborhood
  • The Tilikum Crossing, over the Willamette River, is the largest car free bridge in the world
  • The 600 foot climb to the summit of Mt. Tabor perfect hill-climbing test (motorized or not) 


Click the buttons below to see each route

What to Bring and What to Wear

  • No fancy biking clothes required -Come comfortably-dressed 
  • Closed toe and heel shoes are a must for safe test riding
  • If you already have bike shoes, bring them
  • Keys, wallet and phones like to fall out -if you have zippered pockets, great!  Otherwise, we have a drawer to hold your valuables
  • If you have a helmet less than 5 years old, bring it.  Otherwise, we have S-M-L loaner helmets
  • Got a friend, spouse or family member coming along?  We’re happy to set everybody up for a test ride

Test Ride Waiver

You can read and sign our test ride waiver ahead of time or when you visit the shop for your scheduled test ride

You can learn about trike safety by watching the New Rider Safety video on our Maintenance page.  While your there, we have videos on gear shifting, tire care and other helpful topics

Motor Kits

Any of our trikes can be outfitted with a motor kit -at time of sale or even after years of use.  We offer Bosch Active Line Plus (250w) and Bafang (500w) motor kits.  We have several motor kits on our floor, so you can enjoy a beautiful leisurely test ride with a partner or friend!

Our offerings are covered more thoroughly in the Motor Kits section the site.  At RPDX, we have four requirements for our motor offerings:

  1. Safety
  2. Reliability
  3. Enjoyment
  4. Functionality

Our motor kit offerings meet both Federal and Oregon legal standards.  State laws do vary somewhat, so if you’re riding elsewhere, know your local standards.  Motor kits should be appropriate for the purpose, the trike and the user.  Trikes are additive, not substitutive.  So, we don’t install motors so powerful that they replace the rider’s own engine (legs!).  We also don’t install motors so powerful that they put excess strain on trike frames or drivetrains.

Our motor kits come with a two year warranty against defects in workmanship or material.  Motor kits are very reliable, so you should enjoy years of trouble-free operation.

Motor kits are fun.  They

  • Extend your ride -so you can see more
  • Allow you to enjoy cycling with partners faster than you
  • Provide boost over barriers -like steep hills
  • Provide assurance that you can throttle home if you become fatigued

For those whose cycling is limited -due to stroke, Parkinson’s, Ataxia, ALS, MS, CP or amputation- motor kits can replace lost functionality.   We often pair adaptive accessories with a motor kit

Purchasing at RecumbentPDX

All visits to RecumbentPDX are by appointment.  

There’s never any rush to buy at RPDX -we always go at your pace.  But, when you are ready to buy, we keep the West Coast’s largest inventory from Catrike, SunSeeker and Greenspeed and our mechanics can often have trikes fitted and ready to take home same day (complex builds -Rohloff, Schlumpf, DI2 and some motor kits can take an overnight -call us if you need help planning out a visit). 

Adaptive Riding

We’ve made something of a specialty fitting folks for whom injury or physical limitation has kept them from riding.  We’ve helped folks living with Parkinson’s, Ataxia, CP and MS, those recovering from stroke, orthopedic surgery and injury as well as those just looking to get back out on the road for the first time in years. 

As always, we’ve got a completely line of adaptive components to help overcome any barrier to riding –whether it be surgery, stroke, joint replacement, Ataxia, Parkinson’s or balance issues.  If you have the desire, we’ll do our best to get you safely enjoying the joy of cycling again:

  • Heel Support Pedals -to ensure feet stay comfortably and safely on the pedals
  • Stand Up Assist Arms -to help rider get safely in and out of the seat
  • Lumbar supports and other adaptive cushions -every recumbent rider is unique. We have the pads to make you comfortable
  • Pendulum Pedals  -for riders with limited range of motion, these allow a comfortable, smooth leg stroke
  • Short Cranks -for shorter riders, these ensure a comfortable leg stroke (if you’re 5’2″, you don’t ride the same cranks as somebody 6’2″!)
  • Climbing gears to ensure you can get up the steepest grade

While we already have demos on the floor set up for many special needs, feel free to give us an advance call -we’re always happy to specially-outfit a demo trike just for you.


We want to make sure to make sure RPDX is the best shopping experience you ever have! Relax at our kitchen table between test rides and enjoy Mel’s homemade energy bars and chocolate custards, Janet’s fresh-baked muffins, fruit, sparkling drinks and cappuccino. 

Current Demos

  • Catrike –Handbuilt in the USA (links to our trike spec page)
  • Greenspeed –Recumbent Pioneers from Down Under
  • Sun – Value and Convenience
  • Electric –Pedal-Assist to tame steep hills and long rides can be added to any trike
    • Catrike Villager with Bafang Pedal Assist
    • Catrike Dumont with Bosch Advantage Line Plus Pedal-Assist Motor
    • Catrike 559 with Bafang Pedal Assist Motor
    • Catrike Dumont with Bosch Advantage Line Plus with integrated Electronic Rohloff E-14 Shifting
  • Adaptive –Overcoming limitations for active riding
    • Catrike Villager Left OR Right Side Control -Shimano DI2 electronic internal geared hub with Tektro twinned hydraulic brakes.  Shifting, braking and steering are all controlled from one side (left or right).  Substituting internal gearing for standard front/rear derailleurs allows riders to change gears either moving of from a stand-still and the simplified chain line makes it virtually-impossible for the chain to fall off (crucial for riders with limited mobility or left/right dominant pedal strokes).  Assistive arms ease entry and exit from the trike.
    • Catrike Villager with Assistive Support Arms and Pedal Swing elliptical cranks
  • Custom Component builds
    • Catrike 559 with Rohloff Speedhub and Schlumpf Mountain Drive
    • Catrike Dumont (also described above) with Bosch Advantage Line Plus with integrated Electronic Rohloff E-14 Shifting