Recumbent Bike and Trike Test Rides

Test rides are essential to your absolute satisfaction: Unlike virtually every other important decision in life, you DO buy a recumbent by the seat of your pants. Different models – even from the same manufacturer – will feel different. Seat heights and angles will differ. Wheel size will differ; pedal position will differ. Length and weight will differ. You should purchase only when you’ve ridden enough to know which is right for you – and, by stocking over 30 demos, we make it possible for you to ride as many recumbents as often and as long as you need until you’re absolutely positive you’ve chosen the perfect one.

Right off the showroom floor, without any modifications, recumbent trikes easily accommodate

  • Balance issues –three wheels are stable allowing for easy mounting and dismounting. Trikes won’t fall over on hills –no matter how slowly you climb- so, your energy can go into riding, not balancing!
  • Recovery from injury or surgery requiring therapy – if walking, swimming or other exercises don’t suit your needs, you might enjoy a recumbent
  • Upper-body limitations such as back, neck, wrist and shoulder pain –if all the pressure points of an upright bike (not to mention that teeny-weeny seat!) make it un-rideable, all that pain vanishes on a trike
  • Low stress on joints –making a trike the perfect complement to weight loss programs
  • Stamina issues –Because energy is not wasted balancing on two wheels, many riders easily top 45 minutes their first time out (don’t take our word for it –come take a test ride!).

Test riding right out our front door

We are fortunate to have some fantastic test riding out our front door:

  • Hosford-Abernethy – Rated among America’s most bike-friendly neighborhoods- is directly across from the store
  • Mt. Tabor – Two bike-friendly miles and a 400-foot climb gets you breathtaking views of downtown Portland and Mt. Hood.
  • Tilikum Crossing – a short ride to this pedestrian and bike-only bridge across the Willamette River
  • Springwater Corridor -miles of peaceful car-free test riding

Prepare for your recumbent test ride

  • Come dressed in comfortable clothing.
  • You may bring your own helmet or borrow one of ours.
  • Be prepared for rain – bring rain gear if it’s raining (a little rain won’t hurt the trike!).
  • Allow ample time to try various models.
  • Our last test rides are scheduled 30 minutes before store closing.
  • You will need to leave your driver’s license when you ride.
  • You will need a signed disclaimer (download the PDF here).
  • We may require a credit card deposit for the partial or full value of the recumbent. The deposit will be credited upon return in original condition (deposits can take up to three business days to be credited by the credit card company).

Refresh between test rides

Between rides, you can relax at our kitchen table with a cold sparkling water, an espresso, a piece of fruit or a homemade treat. Most days, you’ll meet our shop dogs, Lilly and Rosie, who are already sure you love them.

Update for 2017 for 2-Wheel Recumbents

For 2-wheel and tandem recumbents there is a $100 2-hour consultation/test ride charge which is a credit toward purchase good for 90-days from test ride date.  Please schedule at least one day in advance so we can have the bikes available for you.