Saturday, October 5th
8:00am - 5:00pm
@ PCC Sylvania
12000 SW 49th Ave, Portland, OR
Tickets On Sale Now

Come Feel the Joy! Ride a Trike!

On October 5th, 2019, the world’s leading trike manufacturers will descend on Portland, Oregon for the largest trike-only event in the United States featuring over 50 demo trikes -including electric and adaptive- that you can test ride on our enclosed test riding circuit.

Trikes are stable on three wheels and fun to ride, With their comfortable padded seats you enjoy the whole day on wheels! Trikes are also the perfect ride for folks with neuromuscular limitation such as Parkinson’s, Stroke, MS as well as for those recovering from knee, hip or spinal surgery.

This is your opportunity to test ride all the best trikes!

So, if you have the desire to get on the road, we’ll make it happen!

Get your tickets today!

Tickets on sale now for just $12 per person!

The World’s Leading Trike and Accessory Manufacturers

Who wouldn’t want to ride the best trikes in the world? And here they are! Also show are the best of the best component and accessory manufacturers.

Oregon’s own Market of Choice and Portland’s own Steven Smith Teas will provide super-delicious snacks and teas

Organizations blazing paths in independent healthy living and disease treatment and cure research will be there

You really should come! And bring friends!

Participating Vendors

Component Manufacturers

Additional Organizations

Trike Safety

Trikes and fun riding and fantastic exercise. This video covers safety rules to ensure that trike riding stays fun and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrikeFest?

TrikeFest is your opportunity to see and touch trikes from the world’s leading manufacturers.  And, most importantly, test ride them.

“Test ride”?

Yes, Test Ride!  We’ll have over 50 demo trikes from Catrike, HP Velotechnik, Greenspeed and Sun Seeker. We’ll have electric trikes and adaptive trikes.  We’ll have a nice little 1/5 mile closed riding circuit -the perfect length for testing!

Does it take long to learn to ride?

Trike riding is as simple as sitting and pedaling, so just about anybody can do it! And, because trikes are stable on three wheels, no need to worry about falling over!  We have a short safety video above you’ll want to watch. At the event, TrikeFest volunteers will get you fitted and make sure you’re safe and comfortable on the circuit.

What if I have limitations?

Many folks with physical limitations -from Parkinson’s, MS, Ataxia and Stroke to knee/hip replacement and back, neck and shoulder issues- love trike riding! The riding circuit will be stocked with adaptive accessories -stand up aids, heel support pedals, elliptical pedals -even trikes with left-side and right-side controls -for folks recovering from stroke.  And, of course, we’ll have plenty of electric trikes.

So, trikes are very good for people living with Parkinson’s, Ataxia or recovering from stroke?

Yes they are! And, trikes are also good for folks recovering from knee or hip replacement or those with spinal or cervical limitations.  Pretty much, trikes are good for EVERYBODY!

Is trike riding fun?

Absolutely.  Watch our main page video again and ask yourself, “does that look like fun?”

Can I ride more than one trike at Pacific TrikeFest?

How would you ever know if you like a trike unless you rode it? (Since we were taught never to answer a questions with a question, let our simple answer be “Absolutely!”).

Anything else to see besides trikes?

We’ll have a several component and accessory suppliers Including Terratrike, Schwalbe Tires, Sportcrafters Rollers, ATOC car transportation system (for hauling your trike) and LEM helmets

Can I bring my own helmet?

If you have one, sure!  Otherwise, the folks at LEM Helmets are supplying helmets for the day.

Does Portland Community College Sylvania Campus have decent parking?

PCC has hundreds of nearby parking spots -both standard and disabled placard- as well as a pick up/drop off zone.

Is PCC Sylvania Campus wheelchair accessible?

The entire Pacific TrikeFEST is accessible with ramps, paths and path level elevators.

Is there food and drink?

In addition to samples from the super-nice people at Market of Choice and Steven Smith Teas, PCC Sylvania Campus has a nice grill that will be open all day.

What’s the code for getting half-priced tickets to Pacific TrikeFest?

Ha!  You’ve read this far when the others didn’t.  The half-priced code is “Trike50”

What’s the code for getting free tickets to Pacific TrikeFest?

Aw, c’mon! Half off isn’t enough? (don’t bother trying “Trike100”. It won’t work).

Can I get to Pacific TrikeFest by public transportation?

Yes you can! Portland’s TriMet Public Transportation serves the campus (TriMet’s online Ride Planner). The half hour bus ride departs Portland City Center for PCC Sylvania every 50 minutes. The return trip departs every 34 minutes from PCC Sylvania for Portland City Center.

You sold me! Where can I buy tickets?

Click this link  Tickets are $12.00 advance purchase (unless you remember to put in the “TRIKE50” discount code -then tickets $6.00).

Should I tell folks about Pacific TrikeFest?

If you’re a good friend, you’ll tell all your buddies to Click this link and buy tickets (if you’re a really good friend, you’ll give them the TRIKE50 discount code).

Don’t miss out on the fun - get your tickets today!