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It’s all about Joy!

Cycling is about much more than just transportation.  For many folks, our first taste of freedom coincided with the arrival of our first bike and, as adults, we’ve continued to share that Joy with friends, spouses, children and grandkids.

Sometimes, though, age, injury or illness makes traditional biking impossible.  Recumbent trikes remove those barriers and bring back the Joy!  Whatever the reason, we can finish any sentence about riding trikes with, “and they’re fun!”

Why A Trike?

In this video,  Mel remembers a youth filled with cycling freedom and Janet explains how triking brings that joy back into your life.  Trikes offer

  • Three wheel stability, so balance is not an issue at slow speed -or even stopped!
  • Comfortable seating that takes pressure of shoulders, neck, wrists, hips and knees -not to mention, ya know- your SEAT
  • Ease of entry and exit for folks with limited mobility
  • Compatibility with an electric motor -to double your joy

Trike Descriptions

In this video, Mel and Janet take you the different types of trikes and explain

  • Tadpole vs Delta
  • Large 26 inch drive wheel vs smaller 20 inch
  • Folding vs nonfolding
  • Suspension vs non suspension
  • Direct vs Indirect Steering

Test Riding

In this video, Janet and Mel talk about the most important part of any trike purchase -Test riding! RPDX has more demo trikes than any store in the Western United States -Test Riding lets your body tell you what trike is right for you!  RPDX’ relaxed approach means you’re driving the timeline.  If you’re traveling from far away and want to take a trike home same day, we’ll do our best to meet your needs. But, you’re always welcome to take as much time as you need and test ride as often as you want, to be sure you’ve got the right trike for you.