We Offer a Broad Selection of Recumbent Bicycles and Recumbent Trikes

RecumbentPDX has the broadest selection and the largest inventory of Recumbent Bicycles and Trikes in the Pacific Northwest. We can pair pedal-assist electric motors and other accessories with virtually all our trikes

catrikeThe only American-made recumbent trike, Catrike’s super-lean Orlando Florida factory manufactures seven (eight in 2016!) different models covering virtually every height, weight and riding style. The SRAM/FSA 30 speed bar-end shift drivetrain and Avid BB7 disc brakes combine for the best stock component set among trikes. Catrike has won more Bentrideronline Trike of the Year awards than every other manufacturer. RecumbentPDX is Catrike’s number one North American dealer and the only Catrike Megastore west of the Mississippi.


The Pocket

  • catrike pocket 01
  • catrike pocket 02
The Pocket, laid-back, short wheelbase, narrow track with a 20” drive wheel, is magic for many of our more petite riders – and, when paired with smaller 155 crank arms, are easily configured for riders under five foot.

The Villager

  • catrike villager
  • catrike villager
The Villager’s wider, higher seat with several degrees of seatback adjustment make this a cinch to get in and out of. A wider track and a 20″ drive wheel pair nicely with our adaptive support arms – for those needing a little extra help getting up and down

The Trail and 559

  • catrike trail purple
  • catrike trail yellow 02
  • catrike 559 green
The Trail and 559 are all-purpose folding trikes that will accommodate both street and hard pack trail riding. Catrike’s ingenious origami-like folding design rolls away on built-in luggage wheels. The Trail’s 20″ wheel is better for climbing.

The Expedition and 700

  • catrike 700 1
  • catrike 700 2
  • catrike expedition full
  • catrike expedition wheel
The Expedition and 700 are a bit more laid back (the 700’s a lot more laid back!). Their aerodynamics and efficient pedal positions – combined with a 26″ and 700c wheel respectively, make them great touring and speed trikes.

The Road

  • catrike road full
  • catrike road gear 2
The Road is also laid back, but the 20” wheel and RockShox-dampened rear suspension ensure smooth travel.

The Dumont

  • catrike dumont logo
  • catrike dumont full
Elastomer-dampened front suspension paired with a Rockshox suspended rear triangle will set the standard for all-wheel suspension.

HP Velotechnik

HP Velotechnik

Since 1993, Paul Hollants (the “H”) and Daniel Pulvermüller (the “P”) have produced some of the world’s finest recumbent bikes and trikes at their shop outside Stuttgart. The entire HP line are folders and offer a broad choice of component sets from SRAM, Shimano and Rohloff as well as six (!) different seat choices. RecumbentPDX is proud to be HP’s top North American dealer.

Folding Gekko

  • hp velotechnik gekko red close up
  • hp velotechnik gekko red full
The folding Gekko is available in both 20” and 26” with SRAM 24 speed drivetrain with SRAM twist shift drivetrain and BB7 disc brakes.

Scorpion FS

  • hp scorpion velotechnik fs
  • hp scorpion velotechnik fs close
The Scorpion FS, available in 20” or 26”, fully-suspended elastomer-dampened springs in the front with either a spring shock or air-dampened RockShox on the rear triangle. Precise German engineering show on every facet of the design and build.

The Scorpion Plus

  • hp velotechnik scorpion plus
  • hp velotechnik scorpion plus full
Like the FS, the fully-suspended Scorpion Plus offers both 20” and 26” drivewheels. Its 36 inch track -the widest of any trike- safely supports the HP HighSeat placing the rider 22 inches off the ground –4 inches higher than the typical dining room chair!

The Scorpion II

  • hp velotechnik scorpion 2 full
  • hp velotechnik scorpion 2 compare
The Scorpion II, light and sporty, offers either spring shock or air-dampened RockShox on the rear triangle.

The Streetmachine GTE

  • street machine
The Streetmachine GTE with underseat steering and front/rear wheel suspension is sublime two-wheeled touring magic – and a personal favorite of our store.



Hand-made in the Czech Republic, AZUB folding trikes are precisely-machined and beautifully-finished. Their Ideal Position System (“IPS”) –unique among our high-end trikes – allows riders to find the right position on their AZUB recumbent through a wide range of adjustable seat positions, steering positions and boom adjustment. For many of our customers (and our mechanics!), the AZUB has the most comfortable seat on the market. While we can build AZUBs with the component group of your choice, the RPDX house component group is SRAM/FSA 30 speed bar-end shift drivetrain and Avid BB7 disc brakes.


  • azub t-tris front
  • azub t-tris wheel
T-Tris is available in both a 20” and 26” wheel (the RPDX standard build is 26”).


  • azub tricon full
  • azub tricon gear
Tri-Con is available in both 20” and 26” and features shock-dampened rear suspension, brilliant super-compact double-fold and – like its sibling above – our favorite seat.

Six and Mini

  • azub six
Six (26”/20”) and Mini (20”/20”) two wheel recumbents – available in under or over seat steer and built with your choice of components – Like all AZUBs, they are beautifully-finished and pure joy to ride.



In 1990, recumbent pioneer Ian Sims built his first trike in a shed in Victoria, Australia (state bird: Helmeted Honeyeater!). A quarter century later, Ian and his family continue to produce rock-solid fun for the rest of us.


  • greenspeed magnum back
Magnum is ahigh performance 20” folder sized to handle riders up to 400 lbs. Sturmey-Archer drum brakes provide a lifetime of maintenance-free stopping power. The seat offers both angle adjustment and the industry’s only height-adjustable seat – from a sleek 12 inches up to easy-entry 17 inch desk-chair height.

Anura Delta

  • greenspeed anura

Anura Delta Trike features high seating position for easy mounting. Our stock configuration includes disc brakes and a Schlumpf/Nuvinci drivetrain. Stringing trikes together in a Train or even just as a tandem is something you can only do on a Delta!

The GT1

  • greenspeed gt1 front
  • greenspeed gt1 gear
The GT1 is the only trike we offer with 16” front and back wheels. There is no trike with pickup this fast, cornering this sure or hill climbing this easy. It folds for easy transport -one of our customers simply rides it up to the Alaska Airlines counter (it almost always arrives back in one piece!).

Other Offerings

The Steintrikes Wild One is insane. Really, there’s no other description for Robert Stein’s handmade beast. 4 inches of suspension travel allow you to do this (if you have a short attention span, just fast forward to the 3-minute mark). We’ve built ours with a 26” wheel and the RPDX house component group: SRAM/FSA 30 speed bar-end shift drivetrain and Avid BB7 disc brakes.

Stephen Bilenky has been hand building bikes in Philadelphia for over 30 years. RecumbentPDX is proud to be the sole west-coast dealer for the Viewpoint Semi-Recumbent Tandem. We take the mystery out of ordering a custom made bike –we have a demo on the floor for you to test ride

The Sun trikes EZ-3 USX, Eco-Delta and Eco-Tad are solidly-built, value-priced and offer a wide choice of rides.