Geoff Wenker


Before a 2013 stroke that kept him in the hospital for 56 days and resulted in left-side hemiparesis, Geoff Wenker’s hobbies included motorcycle touring, water & snow skiing, sailing, cycling, and traveling. Despite the loss of motor control & sensation of his entire left side, he feels blessed that his right side, speech, cognition, & memory were spared.

After 2 years of daily exercise to rewire his 59-year-old brain and recover as much motor function as possible, he was able walk 1/4 mile with a cane! While he has not yet achieved functional use, he can both move and lightly grip with his left hand. He wanted to add some fun to his rehabilitation and was pretty sure he could ride a trike around the 10-mile loop in front of his very rural area property near Scappoose.

Adaptions for his Catrike Villager included moving shifting and braking control to the right side. A Velcro loop pad combined with a Terratrike velcro grip glove secure his left hand to the handlebar while a Terratrike weighted-heal-support pedal and pedal extenders combined with custom orthotics ensure a full range of motion of the left leg. A rear rack outfitted with Jandd Shop Hopper panniers provided plenty of cargo space. A water bottle, light, & trip computer completed his trike.

The first summer Geoff rode that 10-mile loop 18 times! He writes that he continues to improve:

The trike allows me to get outside doing something fun & active and it sure beats the 30 minutes of daily therapy on a stationary bike! This is the only cardio I get, because I can’t walk fast enough to get my heart rate up.”