Doug Einck


At home in Seattle, Doug Einck and his wife Jeanie were classic Pacific Northwest outdoorspeople who loved skiing, kayaking, hiking and cycling. While vacationing in Hawaii in 2014, a surfing accident left Doug with a stiff neck and a headache –the only symptoms of a stroke in his right motor cortex that went undetected for five days. Cycling had been integral to their lives and would be to recovery, so Doug and Jeanie road-tripped to RecumbentPDX for a Catrike Road outfitted with rear suspension. Shifting and braking were moved to the ride side and a Terratrike Velcro Grip Glove secured his left hand to the handlebar. The addition of lights, fenders and a pannier rack make this the perfect trike for all-weather riding of the Seattle hills.

Doug’s blog Brainaissance, a fantastic resource for those living with strokes and brain injuries, describes how trikes help in recovery –including his 30-mile hill ride on Vashon Island and a trip through the San Juan Islands with Jeanie. Doug writes:

Over the past year, the trike has really helped with my recovery I feel. It has greatly strengthened my affected left leg powering up all the hills here in Seattle and dramatically improved my endurance. The trike also happens to be my lone mode of transportation since I’m not driving any more these days. This allows me to get to Feldenkrais, drop by the market, library, appointments, etc. with some needed independence.”