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Recumbent trikes are stable and, by design, tailored to specific capabilities – exercising fully functioning limbs while providing therapy and recovery for muscles impacted by injury or disease – providing solutions for those living with or recovering from stroke, Parkinson’s, TBI, amputations and spine/nerve damage.

On our showroom floor you’ll find trikes purpose-modified to get customers back on the road – our right-hand drive Catrike Trail has Shimano DI2 Electronic shifting and Tektro single-hand operation (“twinned”) hydraulic disc brakes (single-side operation can either right or left handed). View our gallery to see some of our customer trikes.

There’s nothing we like better than new riders’ huge smiles when one of our trikes gets them back out on the road! Some common modifications include:

  • Cradles and attachments to secure low/non-functioning limbs providing safety and support
  • Assistive arms enabling easy mounting and dismounting
  • Different length pedals cranks easing rotation for those with shorter or longer legs
  • Elliptical pedal adapters allowing the entire power stroke while minimizing the hip, knee and ankle flexion of a traditional pedal
  • Weighted pedals to correct drop-foot
  • Pedals with ankle and calf supports for those with impaired leg action
  • Moving all shifting and braking to one side allow complete control of the trike even when one arm is fully impaired
    • A single hydraulic brake lever provides superior braking power with very little physical effort (think power brakes!).
    • Electronics controls allow effortless shift gearing (think automatic transmission!)
  • Pedal-assist hub motors from Bionx and Go SwissDrive
  • The entire line of Terracycle parts –an erector-set of mounts for your trike

While we like to showcase the miracle effects of trike riding, it’s important to remember that the recumbent trike is just one tool plucked from the toolbox. Any “miracle” is due solely to the grit and determination of customers who endure extraordinary discomfort to achieve recovery. For some, riding alone is a huge victory – physically and emotionally – in the battle against the odds.

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