Please Call Before Visiting

Due to health concerns from COVID 19, RPDX is now by appointment only. Please call or email to schedule an appointment.

2607, 2018

RPDX Hours

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Our use of “Appointment” days –in addition to “Open” days- accommodates customers who want to visit us when the shop is quiet.  Reasons can include

  • Specific adaptive needs
  • Inability to come during store open hours
  • A desire for a little less hustle-and-bustle while considering such a significant purchase

Appointment days also give us flexibility to meet vendors, test new equipment and catch-up on builds.  We’ll always try our best to welcome both short-notice appointments and drop-ins –provided we don’t have a previously-scheduled customer or we haven’t ducked out of the store to take the pups on a hike up Mt Tabor.

Summer Hours* (June 1- Sept 1): 

Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Closed By Appt By Appt 11am -4pm 11am -4pm 11am -4pm noon-4pm

Winter Hours*:                   

Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Closed By Appt By Appt 11am -4pm 11am -4pm 11am -4pm By Appt


We’re happy to explain: Google, Facebook and Yelp just don’t get nuance.  To them, we’re either “Open” or “Closed”.  Well, what about those appointment days? If we list as “open”, folks will be disappointed when we’re not. If we list as “closed”, then folks wonder, “what kind of recumbent store is only open four days a week?!” (Yeah! That’d be just crazy, huh?).

We’d like to encourage folks to check our website for hours, so we tried to remove all store hours from the web, to which Google replied, “we will show this location as permanently closed” (not so!).  We then tried showing the store ALWAYS open.  24 hours a day –figuring folks would think, “That can’t be right!” and call us.  That move prompted several phone calls from Google (yes, really. Phone Calls) asking “are you REALLY open 24 hours a day?” followed by a Google-driven “auto-correct”.

We now list our hours on the store address line and we’ve changed our appointment days only to “Open 24 hours”.  So far, Google hasn’t caught on (please don’t tell them).

So, now you know the story!

*Holiday Closures:  July 4th weekend (if the holiday occurs during the weekend)

                                                Thanksgiving and the following Friday/Saturday

                                                Christmas/New Year Holiday – two weeks closed

2607, 2018

Summer 2018: What’s New in the Shop

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If you’re planning a visit to RPDX visit, here’s a snapshot of all there is to see:

  • We’ve expanded the number of Catrike demos ready for test riding to 15, including
    • Villager, Trail (folder), 559 (folder), Dumont (folder/suspension), Expedition, Road AR (suspension), Pocket and 700 (redesigned for 2018!)
  • From HP Velotechnik, we have demos of EVERY Scorpion and Gekko model including
    • New 2018 Gekkos, Scorpion FS26, FS20, FX, Scorpion 2, Scorpion Plus 26 and 20
  • From AZUB, the Full Fat is a sight to see (and sit-in!) plus some new T-Tris builds sitting alongside the Tri-Con with Pinion Drive and the (!!!) Ti-Fly.
  • From Greenspeed, their newly-designed square boom as well as the new Magnum XL!
  • Short boom demo trikes –enabling riders 4’11 and up to easily test ride
  • One-hand control (left or right) – Electronic shifting, stand up aids, heel support pedals and single hand control hydraulic brakes enabling those recovering from stroke to easily ride again
  • Pedal-assist demos for Bionx and Shimano STEPS. Nearly a quarter of the trikes leaving the shop now feature pedal-assist electric motors. Test riding lets you know if it’s the right choice for you
  •  We have demos available for test riding with Rohloff Speedhub, Schlumpf Mountain Drive, Pinion Drive Technology and Shimano DI2. No other store in the United States has this much component choice available for you to test ride!

We also have Accessories:

  • DaBrim -Taming the Blazing Sun™
  • Extensive TerraCycle offerings  including their new pendulum pedals, *BRAND NEW*Finer Recliner neck rests (more on this in another post), bottle mounts, side bags and a panopoly of Erector Set-like connectors to attach pretty-much ANYTHING to your recumbent
  • Roadside repair tools from Park Tools and Koolstop;
  • Large colorful attention-getting flags
  • Ventisit-the world’s most comfortable recumbent seat pad!
  • Schwalbe Tires – Fast, comfy, knobby, puncture-resistant- RPDX has ALL the choices.  No recumbent store has a larger selection of Schwalbe tires and tubes
  • Kryptonite Locks and Terratrike Covers to keep your recumbent safe from theft
  • Ortlieb and Arkel Recumbent bags
  • Terratrike Heel Support pedals, cushions, roof-top trike carriers and bottle cage mounts
  • Pumps, horns, lights
  • Hollywood Racks to haul your trike on a trailer hitch

As always, we’ve got a completely line of adaptive components to help overcome any barrier to riding –whether it be surgery, stroke, joint replacement, Ataxia, Parkinson’s or balance issues.  If you have the desire, we’ll do our best to get you safely enjoying the joy of cycling again:

  • Heel Support Pedals -to ensure feet stay comfortably and safely on the pedals
  • Stand Up Assist Arms -to help rider get safely in and out of the seat
  • Lumbar supports and other adaptive cushions -every recumbent rider is unique. We have the pads to make you comfortable
  • Pendulum Pedals  -for riders with limited range of motion, these allow a comfortable, smooth leg stroke
  • Short Cranks -for shorter riders, these ensure a comfortable leg stroke (if you’re 5’2″, you don’t ride the same cranks as somebody 6’2″!)
  • Climbing gears to ensure you can get up the steepest grades

Thank you for following the story of RecumbentPDX, now in our 4th season and excited as always to hear your stories from the road!

2307, 2018

Catrikes on Vancouver Island BC

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RecumbentPDX and Friends took our Catrikes to Canada’s stunning Vancouver Island.  Local customers Douglas and Juliana guided daylong rides along the Lochside and Galloping Goose Trails. On day three, we took the Brentwood Bay across the Saanich Inlet for a hill climb to Cherry Point Winery (Here’s a link to the Video).

2307, 2018

Mark Egeland GM/Co-Owner of Catrike Visits RecumbentPDX

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RPDX was so lucky to have Catrike’s GM Mark Egeland visit us July 25th. Mark led a group ride down the Springwater Corridor, over the Sellwood Bridge and up (and I mean UP! 700 feet UP!) to the top of Riverview Cemetery.  We rolled back the shop for hot dogs, beer and (!!) CAT CAKE!!!


Catrike GM Mark Egeland Leads RPDX ride

Ron is always our most colorful rider

We returned to the shop for lunch and Cat Cake!