Meet the Highly Experienced RecumbentPDX Team

mel and janet recumbent


Mel & Janet have spent a quarter-century in the customer-service business. Transplants from flat, cold Chicago, Mel abandoned his Moots YBB for an HP Velotechnik Streetmachine. Janet desperately clung to her pink upright Terry until she tried a Catrike –now there’s no going back.
louie recumbent


Bike rider/recumbent mechanic with years of repair and guide experiences. Louie is the guy you want to meet up with that will share everything he knows with enthusiasm and very detailed instructions. If you need to know how to get to a ride, he will give you verbal, written and visual guides. Need a 5mm bolt while riding, he probably has one on him somewhere! Best boy scout biker ever!


Rick is the guy that you want to depend on for getting all of the details of putting your trike together right. He takes care to make sure that it meets the specs of the manufacturer and the customer. He is quiet, but has a great dry sense of humor and one of the most solid people to depend on.


Jack joined RecumbentPDX in summer of 2017.  The Bay Area’s loss is RPDX’s gain, we welcome him to the wonderful world of riding kicked-back.  Please say hello to him next time you are in the shop.